YouTube Challenge

This comes via Simon’s blog and a debate about the future of YouTube which has been at the forefront of social media – sounds a bit sad (in a geekish way) when you put it like that.

The question being: What are you all time fav five tubes? This is a tag game so pass it on. For the record these are mine:

1. Strictly speaking this is not YouTube - but they have a site there - but I love this so much as it reminds me of my kids and friend’s kids. So joyful. So life afirming. God I wish I was 30 years’ younger. Better than X-factor or Pop Idol any time of the day. You go girls: Pomme & Kelly from Holland

2. If only because I’m an Mohammed Ali fan. The fact that the bear does the Ali Shuffle is woth it. Confused? Check out Salmon Fight.

3. I’m old. What can I say this is what rocked me in my teens. The Clash.

4. I laughed so much when I saw this in the 1990s I dislocated my jaw: Cup Final.

5. Serious for bit now – we locked down the office when this happened and wondered what the hell was going on in the world. 9/11 and 9/11 revisited. I realise I am cheating with two – but heh, it's not an insignificant event.

Finally, and recommended by my son Frank, which I am rather proud of. I’ve done something right in his upbringing for him to bring this to my attention: Monkeys

Tag - you're it - pass it on.

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