Who should control the blogs?

Excellent post by Simon Says considering whether web teams or comms teams should have responsibility for an organisation's blog.

Interesting this one - a conundrum we are dealing with at my company on behalf of several clients. My view is that blogging is all about having a conversation whether you're a corporate blogger or not. As Hugh McLead likes to point out, the best way to control the conversation is by improving the conversation.

And in that respect I think the communicators are key - the web team build the engine but it is up to the bloggers to feed it and manage the conversation.

Check out the debate at should firms build their own blog?

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Linda said...

I don't understand why firms would always insist on their own 'solution' when existing blogging platforms may do the job as well as anything they come up with themselves.

If you look at Shiny Media blogs (www.shiny they are coping with huge traffic and creating a real 'buzz' but at the end of the day, they are on well-known (and cost effcetive) systems.

Also the 'big' political bloggers and cheeky scamps that are beginning to set the news agenda in some quarters are on Blogger.

That's got to give hope to anyone? Like you say, it's the message that's important.

PS - I'm all for bad language.