Weasel Nominees for 2006

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It’s time for the 2006 annual Dilbert Weasel Awards! This is your opportunity to publicly embarrass the weasels that desperately deserve it. I’m looking for nominees. In a few days the nominees will be posted on for the world to vote on. After the voting, United Media and I will issue a press release announcing the winners, ideally on some slow news day, and the entire world will get to enjoy the karmic justice.

By way of definition, a weasel is someone who is trying to get away with something and actually succeeding. We don’t include anyone who is in jail because that person isn’t getting away with it.

We also don’t include anyone who is evil or annoying or incompetent but in an honest way. A weasel is someone who craps on toast and tells you it is caviar. Weasels say things like this:

“I have never taken steroids. I look like the Incredible Hulk because I eat right.”

“I didn’t realize I was stealing a billion dollars from my company. I just signed whatever they put in front of me.”

“I deserve my $100 million salary because without me the company’s stock price would have plunged even further.”

“We have no intention of making nuclear weapons!”

The categories within which we need nominees are:

1. Weaseliest Pundit/Reporter

2. Weaseliest Industry

3. Weaseliest Company

4. Weaseliest Politician

5. Weaseliest Celebrity

6. Weaseliest Sports Person

7. Weaseliest Organization

8. Weaseliest Country

Here's a link to last year's winners

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