Competitive poetry and Real Wensleydale Cheese

The latest on Wensleydaleblog is that we have commissioned the poet Ian McMillan (pictured) to write an ode in praise of the great Yorkshire Cheese - please visit the site and add your comments.

We received it yesterday and it's jolly good. But being a bit of a tease we are not going to release it until we get maximum PR from it. A podcast is to follow shortly.

However, I challenged my infuriatingly talented wife Annie, who is currently writing a series of books on town and country walks in the four Yorkshire Ridings, to pen an ode too. She did too in about two minutes. Here's the result:

Tant pis for the Camembert,
Down with the Brie,
Away with the Gouda -
No Edam for me.

When out come the crackers
Or thick crusty bread,
Images of Wensleydale
Course through my head.

It's British, it's brilliant,
It's what milk is for -
So pass me the Wensleydale
I've room for lots more!

Being something of a minimalist here's my modest haiku offering:

Wenselydale my heart.
Heaven, right here in my mouth.
Please pass the crackers.

Others welcome or visit Wensleydaleblog .

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