Welcome: Simon Collister joins GREEN

I'm looking forward to work tomorrow - we have a new client meet and a new recruit.

I'll say nothing of the new potential client other than they have a very exciting proposition and product that can finally address concerns about Bird Flu, MRSA and other air-borne infections.

Our new recruit, however, is Simon Collister (pictured left).

Many of you will know Simon from his blogs Simon Says and E-Democracy Update. Simon joins GREEN Communications at an exciting time for our business and I am sure he will bring a lot of insight to the company in his role as a PR practioner but also as one of the few people I know who has a real passion for social media and Web 2.0 - an area we are seeking to develop further following our experiences with Wensleydale Creamery. We've already been approached by some other forward-looking companies keen to ensure they get the best out of the realm of social media, so Simon and I have our work cut out! Bad luck Simon.

What excites me is that while Andy Green, my business partner, and myself are the grey heads of the agency we are surrounded by a young passionate team of colleagues who are exciting, demanding, challenging and conscientious in delivering compelling, creative PR campaigns on behalf of their clients.

Lindsey Ramsey, Daniel Phillips, Abi White, Liz Hirst and others all have a contribution to make to GREEN and it has been very fulfilling to see them develop within the agency and teaching the Old Dogs a few new tricks. Lindsey has been a real star and Dan has been a real wow with his clients - particulary in the field of brand development and management. Indeed, one of his clients was in the Sunday Times today for business innovation.

Legendary Liverpool Football Club manager Bill Shankly said: "It's the greatest thing in the world, natural enthusiasm. You're nothing without it." I think we have it in spades.

Watch this space for further developments - and Simon, if you get in before me put the coffee on!


Simon said...

Thanks for the announcement, Ian, you've beaten me to it. Looking forward to fighting for a parking space too!

Linda said...

Good luck to you Simon and I hope Ian will be gentle with you.

Please excuse the rather familiar tone, I can't help it.