Andy, my business partner, brought a book with a range of newspaper fliers from the Evening Standard. You know the sort of thing - badly written bills that the newspapers hand out to newspaper sellers.
I've collected these for years. I always remember the conversations on various newspapers between the news editor and the chief sub-editor on what should be written on these. Most memorable was when the news editor said: "Do we call him 'dead boy' or 'bullet boy'?" To which the chief sub replied: "Well technically he's dead."
"Yes, but we're trying to sell f**king newspapers," replied the news editor.

My favourite is from the New York Post (I think):

Headless Torso Found in Topless Bar

Any more?

PS: In case you've never worked in the press - sub-editors are professional pedants.


Simon Collister said...

Very amusing!! My old CEO was a former sub... professional pedant is an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Crash plane 'too close to ground'
- report of official inquiry.

From a 'professional pedant' (and proud of it).

Ian Green said...

I might make these a regular feature - another favourite in terms of parochialism was the Aberdeen Express & Journal with the headline:
"Aberdeen man goes down in Titanic"

Another from Daily Mail in World War Two:

"German Push
Bottles Up
British Rear"

A lovely image!