New UK blogging platform with Terapad

Stuart Bruce has made a comment on Terapad - a new blogging platform which offer teh facility to hang web pages off your blog.

Stuart says: "I've only just signed up for the 30 day free trial, but first impressions are favourable (or should I say favorable as I think it's a UK company angling its pitch for the US market)."

What I like:
Easy to sign up and doesn't require a credit card for the free trial (I hate those as I always forget to cancel)
Initial templates are actually attractive, although obviously will look like templates as everyone uses them
Appears to be very feature rich, although I haven't had time to study them all yet

What I don't like:
Terrible launch press release, these guys apparently don't have a budget for professional public relations support
"Once your free trial runs out, your site will be deleted." Unless you get a massive time window to 'reclaim/pay' then this is terrible - far better to lock it for 90 days so you can't edit it or add posts.
Pitching just to the USA - it's right for UK tech companies to look to the US first (much bigger market), but I feel Terapad needs to give a bit more of a nod to the UK.
No integration with FeedBurner (particularly bad as they make it so easy to use Google Analytics for visits its a shame you can't do the same for your feed).

Thanks Stuart.

I've struggled with Typepad in the past and quickly abandoned it for Blogger. I understand that feedburner is on the way and RSS is already fully integrated. I set this up this morning will see (Ian Green's Media Blog) how it goes. There is another blogger platform called Joomla which looks interesting too.
One thing I did struggle with was that RSS Reader didn't like some of the code.


Linda said...

Hi Ian, I thought your new blog looked great but I can't figure out how to comment on it - sorry if I'm being really thick.

Ian G said...

Hi Linda,

Still trying to get my head around Terapad. If you revisit you can now add comment to the Wensleydale post.
When you set it up you can arrange a whole range of features from:
Extra Web Pages (under content)
A picture gallery
A shop - PayPal ecommerce application
An events page and calendar
And other stuff.

When I set it up I didn't activate the forum whatsit but that is now enabled.

I've had a long email chat with CEO and he's hoping for great things but I think he needs to refine it further. As British company I would like to see it succeed - but as Jimmy Goldsmith said: "When you see a bandwagon - it's too late."

All a bit academic as this stage as are we are thinking of launching a corporate blog - which might supercede this and my existing Blogger site. The new Wensleydale blog has generated a lot of interest among companies lookintto do the same - but have neither the time nor technical knowledge. So we might be selling this as a service.

Stephan Tual - said...

Just a quick note Ian to let you know Feedburner is in now. Cheers!