Ironing, Thackray and Wensleydale

Ah - Just finished the ironing! Took me two hours. How many PR executives and commentators can say that? When I first moved in with Annie, my present wife, or did she move in with me(?), she ironed a shirt and I criticised the result - always start with the collar I advised.
Now 20-odd years later I still do my own ironing. In fact, the kids (adults in fact now - they're 15 and 13 years old and nick all my Bob Dylan, Ramones and The Clash albums and any money that might have fallen out of my pocket)- Frank and Mercedes - do their own ironing too. Fair enough - we all work, as my wife says.
How strange after the domestic chores - listening to Jake Thackray (a true poet - Go Little Swale is my favouirte) - that I still click in with the social media stuff. The Wensleydaleblog we launched has gone very well and through the Yorkshire Post we now have more than 2,000 supporters - check out Uniquely Yorkshire. See earlier posts for more information.
But like the information about the ironing - very boring I know - the point with social marketing is to be as honest as possible - like the ironing which I find strangely therapeutic - and that's what the people at Wensleydale Creamery have said. As we say up t'North: "We call a spade a f**king shovel!"
Any problems - just email us.

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