Sex and blogging

Here's an interesting take on social media. We received this today from a freelance journalist via Response Source. We've had many weird requests in the past but this one is actually quite interesting. It throws up a few intriguing scenarios about how journalists now use the internet and bloggers, in particular, as a source for new stories.

Anyway, this is what we received -

Hi everyone,
Am working on a great commission - but do need your help a tiny bit too!
I am following four couples who already have web logs (blogs) set up about their relationships and sex lives. Each couple has written about the dilemmas and everyday goings on in their sexual relationships but want feedback and postings from people going online, sharing their stories (anonymously too if you want!) and giving the couples advice.
So all I'm looking for is for people to go online, check out the sites and get posting!

The Agony and The Sextasy
Our Sex Secrets
Martin & Louise's Sex Diaries
Lauranben: Our Sex Life

All the (sic) need is your advice on how to improve thier (sic) sex lives as that's what they are looking for. Any questions please don't hesitate to give me a call or drop me an email!

I make no comment, other than to observe that it is curious how bloggers are become news events in their our right. It also begs the question whether these are genuine bloggers.

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