Blogging and rowing

Excellent day on the river today at Bradford Amateur Rowing Club where we held our Autumn Primary Regatta.
As a primary event this was aimed mainly at beginners and those new to the sport - so, as a veteran, I didn't actually get into a boat but helped out, getting the boats out and back in again at the landing stages. We had three capsizes, by the way, but no-one was hurt.
What was great was seeing the youngsters and novices doing so well - even those who lost - appeared to come on leaps and bounds and will have learned a lot. This is a great sport and, if any Yorkshire bloggers, fancy having a go let me know and I can arrange to show you around.
I'm now set for the Head Season with competitive racing over five to six miles in a VIII and IV and all the bastard training that goes with it. And the snow and the hail and the rain!
But I love the team effort - eight grumpy old men arguing as they row down the Thames, Tyne and Tees. Interestingly, I can't find that many blogs on rowing.
Another thing is I am testing out Blogger Beta - you might have noticed the site has changed. I like it but would prefer a further column down the left-hand side too. I've also started another site at Green's Media Blog for style. What do you think?
By the way check out Simon Says and Should firms build their own blogs or look elsewhere?
By the way the picture shows me at the back as part of scratch crew at the Bradford Spring Regatta - we won. The youngest in the boat was 13, modesty prevents me saying who was the oldest but it wasn't me. And, yes, as a veteran crew you can include women in the boat.

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We should have won.