Ajaz launches new secure "browzar"

Freeserve founder Ajaz Ahmed – we know him well at GREENs - has launched an internet browser that protects against leaving details of sites surfers visit on the computers they use to access the net.
Browzar is a new privacy-minded web browser for Windows users. It doesn't cache anything, keep a history, employ auto-complete or keep cookies. The application is free to download, and the beta version is now available.
Browzar, which can be either downloaded or run directly from the web, doesn't save information on visited websites or searches made when surfing the web. Cache, history, and cookies are all automatically deleted when you close the software, which doesn't feature auto-complete forms.
The software, available without charge or registration, only works on Windows (for now). Mac OS X and Linux flavours of Browzar are promised in future releases.
Suggested uses for Browzar include protecting privacy on a shared family computer, checking email in a cyber-cafe and checking online bank accounts from workplace PCs.
Ahmed said: "We divulge masses of information about our habits, hobbies and financial dealings while online, often unknowingly, and there are times when all of us would rather this was kept private. Using Browzar, anyone worldwide can surf the web privately in the knowledge that no one will stumble across the sites they have visited when using the same computer."

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