Social marketing revisited

I am indebted to Nedra Kline Weinreich for her take on "Social Marketing" - see previous posts about what I thought it meant. Nedra has come up with a neat definition - two in fact.
One on Social Marketing - which actually aims to make a difference to society and Social Media Marketing - I suppose the stuff that I do. Check out Nedra at Spare Change.

Any way look at the table below:

Social Marketing vs “Social Marketing”

Social Marketing AKA Social Marketing

Definition: The use of marketing techniques to promote the adoption of healthy or pro-social behaviors
Purpose: Changing individual behaviors to improve their own health or well-being, or to help society for the greater good
Who Uses It: Nonprofit organizations, government agencies, other organizations working toward health or social change
Who "Profits": Individuals at risk for a particular health or social problem, those who are likely to adopt positive behaviors to help society
Target Audiences: Individuals or society
Related Fields/Terms: Nonprofit marketing, cause marketing, health marketing
Examples: Verb Campaign, truth Campaign
For More Info: Wikipedia, Squidoo, Social Marketing Wiki

Social Marketing AKA Social Media Marketing
Marketing via online tools and platforms that people use to share information with each other, such as blogs, social networking sites, wikis, podcasts and shared media sites
Purpose: Involving consumers in marketing efforts designed to generate positive word of mouth or personal investment in the brand
Who Uses It: Companies or other organizations that want to add an online peer-to-peer or participative component to their marketing
Who "Profits": The organization doing the marketing
Target Audiences: Tech-savvy consumers who are already using social media tools, whether as a creator or consumer of content
Related Fields/Terms: Social media optimization, social network marketing, word of mouth marketing, viral or buzz marketing, citizen marketing
Examples: Snakes on a Plane, Chevy Tahoe (add to that the Artic Monkeys, Lilly Allen etc)
For More Info: Wikipedia, SEOMoz blog, Marketing with Social Media

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Simon Collister said...

A good run-down, Ian. Thanks.

If it's what I'm thinking of, the Chevy Tahoe campaign backfired somewhat.

For a good post on social media marketing optimisation see Antony Mayfield: