Dell rocks at customer service - does PR?

Given that my son, Frank, has some how managed to monopolise the family PC - mainly for the purposes of gaming and MSN Messenger and filled the damn thing with so many downloads that me and my wife have to wait hours for it to do anything (it works perfectly for him) we've finally conceded defeat.

Yes, we've bought a new PC from Dell. They rock!

We've acquired a Dimension 5150C. Bought it online on Thursday last week - and I'm happily tapping away on it now after it arrived in my offices in Wakefield. It took me half an hour to set up and was online immediatley through our broadband wireless connection. I've commandeered the kitchen table for now until Frank takes the old one to put in his room tomorrow. The kitchen is usually home to the laptop (also a Dell) where I do most of my blogging - much to my wife's chagrin.

The kit is fantastic. But what has impressed me most was Dell's customer service. Tracking of the despatch was great and, from past experience, I expect a call or email to ask if I've been happy with the service.

When the communication comes I will be effusive as ever, of course. My question is: how can the PR industry deliver such levels of service and be recognised as such for doing so?

The interesting thing for us, at GREEN Communications, is that when we ask clients for a testimonial they are more than happy to give one and I do wonder if we ask enough. I suppose the next step is to encourage them to tell others - through their network - what a great job we do. The next step is getting them to do it online.


RichardatDELL said...

Hi Ian,
glad you think rocks! we are thrilled when we hear customers say this and doing all we can to keep getting better at it.

Thanks for the support

Ian Green said...

Am now struggling to say something bad about service. Erm, erm, erm. No all good. Except it would not play my Bob Dylan DVD - wanted details of region and I haven't got a F**king clue.