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I've posted quite a few blogs today. But the wife's away on a girly weekend and the kids are otherwise engaged - Frank's finally had his hair cut: as he was in danger of looking like Joey Ramone.

I was supposed to be rowing but the race was cancelled because the river's too high (better luck tomorrow when we have our inter-club regatta at BARC) after the recent deluge.

However, I came across this at It's Only A Phase which I think is absolutely delightful. It's Only A Phase is a budding animator and cartoonist and I've indicated that we might have some work for him/her(?) in due course.

Back to the point. Forget X Factor or Pop Idol. This is the sort of thing my children do. My favourite is this rendition of Respect by Aretha Franklin from two dutch teens Pomme & Kelly: as part of Google Idol.

Watch this and tell me it doesn't make you smile. RESPECT.

Wonderful! I particularly like the use of the tea towel.

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Nick said...

Thanks for the link - I'm a 'him' since you were wondering!, & yes I'd be delighted to do some artwork or animation if you have something in mind!?

You can contact me at: nick.heyward at gmail if you would like to discuss any ideas.