WhiskySchool Video Competition

Quick update on Ladybank Company of Distillers, one of our clients at GREEN.

James Thomson continues to embrace the possibilities of social media with a passion and we have just launched a "social media competition" through his other interests at WhiskySchool with the winning prize being free membership of Ladybank!

We've now issued a challenge to the internet community by calling on “social media” enthusiasts to produce their own videos extolling the virtues of their favourite tipple such as Gin, Single Malt or Vodka. Anything you fancy really - could be calvados or rum!

Entries to the WhiskySchool Video Competition will be posted on YouTube, with the top entry winning membership of the Ladybank Company of Distillers, worth more than £3,000. Three lucky runners-up will also win a selection of some fine spirits.

Ladybank encourages consumers to invest in the vision and the passion of the project and sets out to reward its members with participation, a strong sense of belonging, and the kind of exclusivity normally reserved for distillery owners or founders.

Given the distillery’s roots in social media we thought it would be great idea to challenge spirit enthusiasts to create their own videos about their passion and post them on the web.

James adds: “Social media allows people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, and perspectives with each other. This chimes with our view about good drink. Properly used alcohol is the greatest ambassador the world has known. It removes difficulties; it renders men more agreeable and appreciative of one another. It makes new friendships and cements old ones.”

The WhiskySchool Video Competition is centered around fine spirits and can focus on three areas:
• Favourite Brand, Distillery or Spirit Category.
• Educational Category – including ‘how to guides’ such as how to run a formal tasting or how to mix the perfect martini.
• Entertainment Category – including spoof videos.

Clear portrayal of alcohol abuse will not be accepted and entrants must be over 18 year’s olds. All entries will be posted on social media site YouTube allowing viewers to vote on their favourite video. The winner and runners up will be decided by a panel of judges organised by WhiskySchool

To enter is simple - shoot one or more videos or recommend one and submit the video’s URL to WhiskySchool, then check out competition. Viewers can even register to sit on the judging panel.

For further information visit WhiskySchool Video Competition.

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