GREEN hosts word-of-mouth marketing event

Blatant plug for GREEN Communications – no apologies. We are hosting an event on word-of-mouth marketing and social media in London on Friday December 1 at the the Dental Institute, Thomas Street, London.

Not sure how it ended up at this venue – but it seems quiet apt don’t you think!

We have brought together a range of great speakers to answer one of the big questions facing many organisations in the age of social media: how do you master one of the most powerful communication channels for your organisation, brand and personal career?

This is the first conference organised by the public relations industry focused on word-of-mouth. The event brings together leading experts and practitioners from public relations, direct marketing, advertising, market research and academia to give you the latest insight into how to harness the incredible power of word-of-mouth, viral and buzz communications.

Speakers at the event include my business partner Andy Green, the author of Creative PR and Effective Personal Communications Skills for Public Relations and Mark Borkowski of Borkowski PR who will talk about Outstanding buzz - Dog weddings at Harrods, Elvis's teddy, and Jim Moran.

Other speakers include:
Ivan Palmer, Director and Founder, Wildfire Word of Mouth Marketing
Paul Marsden, Enterprise LSE, London School of Economics
Graham Goodkind, Frank PR
Simon Collister of GREEN Communications

For further information check out the booking form. Hope to see you there.

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