Condom company blog

Oh Dear! A recent request from a journo using Response Resource.

QUERY: I've been commissioned to write a newsblog for a site produced by a condom company, with an aim to writing articles/llinks(sic)/news that would appeal to young people of both sexes across the age-group. Admittedly, this is a little vague, but I'm thinking along the lines of gadgets, health, sex, relationships, music, TV, fashion, soaps, films, reviews and all those funky, whizzy things that those young whippersnappers are into ;)

I can’t wait!


Astra said...

I would be interested in what age the author of this had achieved. It is a bit like the Conservatives trying to get funky(have you seen appalling web infomational aimed at teens on debt with use of swear word so bad breakfast TV had to bleep it out?) - it is just buttock clenchingly embarassing to read. And to be honest hardly researched in any depth - same content as any other "yoof" publication but making very little difference except to promote celebrity ( as opposed to talent, integrity etc...) as a worthwhile lifestyle.

I suggest this person jumps into their BMW and finds some real teenagers to ask.

will said...

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