At last - a glass of Stormhoek

I've been a big fan of Hugh MacLeod for ages now and have been really impressed with what he has done at Stormhoek but have never tasted the damn stuff - tip to the men at Stormhoek please post on your site where you can buy it!
However, today when I wandered into the Waitrose in Otley, West Yorkshire with my old mum, there it was. So now, my wallet is some £130 lighter, we are now quaffing the Pinot Grigio and the concesus from my parents and wife is very positive. I'm actually cooking haggis, tatties and neeps for dinner so I am not sure this is the best accompaniement but we shall see.
Must go now as I am also making a treacle tart - which will take longer than the rest of the meal but I have a bottle of Stormhoek to consol me.


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