Web 2.0 is made of ...recycled tech blurbs

We had a client banging on about Web 2.0 the other week – how it will be the next big thing and now is the time for some true Blue Sky thinking!
Unfortunately I haven’t got a clue what Web 2.0 is. Does it mean anything? For help I turned to The Register and got the following answers. Here's a selection of what their readers thought it meant:

Web 2.0 is made of ... 600 million unwanted opinions in realtime
Paul Moore

Web 2.0 is made of ... emergent blook juice
Ian Nisbet

Web 2.0 is made entirely of pretentious self serving morons
Max Irwin

Web 2.0 is made of ...Magic pixie dust (a.k.a . Tim O'Reilly's dandruff)
Jeramey Crawford

Web 2.0 is the air for the next bubble

Paul Witherow

Web 2.0 is made of ... a lot of thin but very hot air blown at you by those who are convinced that having nothing to say is by no means a good reason to shut up.
Roon Micha

Web 2.0 is made of ... a row boat made up of a rather large hole
Ted Crafton

Web 2.0 is made of ... les gazeuses des sapeurs-pompiers
Vaughan Lewis

Web 2.0 is made of ... 2 parts flour 1 part milk and 3 parts broken dreams
Daniel Nicholson

Web 2.0 is made of ... Sk^H^Hhype
Edward Grace

Web 2.0 is made of ... a collective dynamic think-process
Ben Shephard

Web 2.0 is ... the vapourware output of people moving forward in pushing back the envelope of the corporate paradigm (to the sound of whalesong)
Michael Shaw

Web 2.0 is made of ... more ways for providers to rip us off
Mike Bunyan

Web 2.0 is made of ... millions upon millions of bandwagons, circled into one giant investor cluster-f**k
Richard Ellis

Web 2.0 is made of...the easily led
Colin Jackson

Web 2.0 is made of ... blooks and flooks?
Thomas Borgia

Web 2.0 is made of ...Porn 2.0
Phil Standen

Web 2.0 is made of ... the skin that forms on the top of the soup of the collective consciousness
Troy Fletcher

Web 2.0 is made of ... marketing and collaborative self-deception
Dave Burt

Web 2.0 is made of ...recycled tech blurbs, stitched together at random (a la software that randomly generates scientific articles, previously mentioned by El Reg), submitted surreptitiously to the blog hive mind
B. Shubin

All further definitions welcomed but I guess the concensus is that it’s the latest bullshit word to enter the web lexicon.


Simon Collister said...

Web 2.0 is a bit of a catch all term... but I like what it stands for. If you have a spare 20 minutes(!), have a look at Stuart Bruce's post:

Wikipedia is always good for tech terms too!

Sam Oakley said...

There is also a really good guide to web 2.0 for PR here: