A policeman’s lot is not a happy one

You realise that blogging has truly come of age when it emerges that policemen are now setting up their own blogs – both official and unofficial.
A visit to British Blog Directory shows there are 18 currently registered but GoogleBlog throws up more than 6,000.
This is an interesting phenomenon for two reasons – first, in the UK the police are often viewed with suspicion, and the idea that a policeman would publish a blog that was truly transparent would be treated with scorn.
However, having visited two private blogs Blog of the Blogs and Blue And Two what emerges is a surprisingly honest overview of the issues facing the men manning the thin blue line. These blogs are funny, self-deprecating and vaguely reassuring because they show that we have such people on the force.
The other site to check out is Chief Constable of North Wales Police which is rather more corporate but never the less addresses some of the issues facing the top brass.
Oh, yes. And my second point is that this is bloody good PR. It’s not cynical it’s about open and honest communication which I suppose what social media is all about.

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