Horrors of Lebanon revisited

Alan Caruba has been back in touch to comment on my post about public relations and the Middle East conflict.

I said: "However, where I do have concerns is where PR is used for commercial gain during a crisis like this. What next? 'Israeli Army praises new guided missile says ACME Bomb Makers'"

He says; “I totally agree. The whole idea of seeking commercial gain while people are dying is an anathema. My commentary simply noted the questions surrounding the timing of PR while the Hezbollah vs Israel war is going on.

“It's a matter of good sense and, one hopes, good taste. The other's comments on the role of PR during war should be, I suspect, more directed to the role of propaganda rather than public relations. The former has a recognized function in times of war and it is frequently about deception.

“A former journalist myself, I regard anything other than the truth in PR to be a grave ethical offense.

“Finally, I have found your blog of great interest. Keep up the good work.”

You might want to check out Alan’s website at The National Anxiety Centre to understand where he’s coming from. All views welcome.

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