Real Wensleydale Cheese Blog Launched

At GREEN’s we’ve just launched our first corporate blog on behalf of our client Wensleydale Creamery – makers of the only real Wensleydale in the world.
Some of you might think this is an unusual thing for a traditional cheese maker to be doing. We don't think so. Wensleydale was one of the first commercial cheese producers to develop a website which you can visit at Wensleydale Creamery – this will shortly be upgraded too. We have launched Wenselydale Blog partly to support our client’s submission for Protected Designation of Origin, or PDO as it's known, for Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese and partly as a means of getting closer to key customers and others.
Hopefully, you will have already seen all the recent press and TV coverage about its plans for protected status. PDO aims to promote and protect food products in the EU and is used to describe foodstuffs which are produced, processed and prepared in a given geographical area using recognised know-how. This means that any manufacturers outside of Wensleydale cannot produce a cheese and call it Real Yorkshire Wensleydale.
However, the blog is also an opportunity for many of our colleagues in the Creamery to tell you about their working lives, the delicious cheeses they make and any other news.With our submission for PDO we are starting out on a long journey - come along for the ride and visit Wenselydale Blog some time soon.
By the way the blog was built by our sister company Lime Brand Design and a jolly good piece of work it is too.
The content management system was created by excellent geekmaister and Lime Director Phil Smith is called Juice CMS and the design is by Joe Whittaker. We will be seeking to offer this service to other organizations who are waking up to the merits of social marketing. I will keep you informed of our progress in this area over the coming weeks.

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