Andy publishes new book for PR practioners

My business partner Andy Green (no relation) has just published his latest book on public relations.
This follows the success Creativity in Public Relations – so here’s a plug for Andy’s latest missive; Effective Communications Skills for Public Relations – published by Kogan Page (£16.99) and part of CIPR’s PR in Practice Series.
To be a successful public relations practitioner one has to be a great communicator at all levels. This stimulating and original book shows PR people how to harness their personal powers of communication to enhance their personal brand and ensure that they get their message across. Andy takes an essentially creative and modern approach drawing on the very latest research and thinking into the how the mind works and how ideas are communicated.
In particular, he introduces the reader to the theory of memes. A term coined by Richard Dawkins, memes are contagious ideas that once communicated spread like a virus. Andy shows how to achieve this in the context of PR communications.
Subjects tackled include: Your inner brand.Creating memes. No meme is an island – the power of context. And Word of mouth communications.
Andy is well known in the industry and has some 20 years’ experience in the public relations profession. He has won numerous professional awards for his creative work and now runs courses on creativity for the Institute of Public Relations and for many leading consultancies and organisations.
Well done with the new book Andy - can I have a free copy please?

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