This is a punch... it hurts

It is seldom I write off topic but, as an ex-boxer, I must comment on Ricky Hatton's recent triumph.
Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but back in Liverpool in my working class youth I was a student pugilist. That's unfair even to me because I fought several fights as a lightweight until I was knocked out – literally… knocked out. Horrible. It was then I took up knitting.
Indeed, I was once beaten up by John Conteh’s sister. Which I think is as good as it gets.
I’m still a pugilist in outlook, so was delighted with Ricky Hatton’s achievement in stopping one of the most efficient body punchers of the modern era yesterday.
He did it quickly, efficiently, and with a perfect sickener to the liver of Jose Luis Castillo. This punch takes all the air out of you body for about 30 seconds – in fact you think you’ve forgotten the trick of breathing.
According to reports you could almost feel the crunch of ribs from row 10. Anything less than wholehearted recognition, and justice to a great British sportsman will not given, even here in the UK.
The US always looks down on UK boxers but Hatton is the real deal… as good as Naseem in his pomp but with the humility of a fighter who knows every battle will be hard won.
There is talk of a contest with Floyd Mayweather, who continues to show a lack of interest. I suspect that Mayweather has decided Hatton is best avoided.

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Stephen Davies said...

The Americans are saying Castillo wasn't the same fighter as when he fought Mayweather (I think it was Mayweather) but Hatton is unstoppable right now and I don't think it would have made much of a difference if he was or wasn't.

The way Hatton pounded Tszyu for 11 rounds too. Tszyu was one of the best fighters pound for pound at the time.

Agree what you say. Boxing is a tough sport. You don't play boxing like you play football or cricket. I went training last night and I'm in total agony today. I'm struggling to type this and I was only training!

P.S. That is a claim to fame! John Conteh's sister!