Is it just me? I like Olympics 2012

Am I going over old ground with this?
The Government has confirmed it will not be asking the organisers of the 2012 Olympic Games to reconsider a new logo despite demands for them to do so. Well thank God for that. And what’s wrong with it anyway?
When I first saw it I was a bit puzzled – and ribbed a former colleague about it who was working on the launch of the new brand.
However, the day after the launch I just thought… this is so right!
There is a lot of marketing bollocks being spoken about the brand (none of it by creators Wolff Olins by the way – I think they have missed a real trick here from a PR point of view).
At GREEN we do quite a lot of branding and at the end of the day you always agree with the client on what they want – they pay the bills after all. So for the organizers to go with such a bold and exciting brand says a lot for them – all of it good.
I notice that culture spokesman Lord Davies of Oldham said the logo "will establish the character and identity of the Games" – again this is too bland for the brand because I think the logo will work at levels that did not exist in the past – mobile phone, internet, blogs, MySpace, Facebook etc. And it moves! And that’s the point.
In the House of Lords debate Lord Stoddart of Swindon asked: "Why did it cost £400,000 to produce such an uninspiring logo?"
What planet is he on? He sounds like the High Court judge who asked what is a website. We don’t charge £400,000 for a branding exercise – but the effort we put in is probably worth that.
Anyway, well done Wolff Olins – I’m just curious why they are not shouting about it - don't apologise for being brilliant.
Oh and by the way I fully expect two girls from Bradford Amateur Rowing Club will be competing in 2012...


PR Man Stuart said...

It's you mate. I don't know how anyone can defend the broken swastika, which doesn't work at any level. It doesn't even look like a logo.

Lord Stoddart is quite right to question why such a colossal amount of public money was spent on producing it. I regularly deal with graphic designers who could come up with a far better logo for a tiny fraction of the £400,000 paid for the broken swastika!

Ian Green said...

Both my teenage kids like it too