BarCamp comes to Leeds

Plans are now in place to do a BarCampLeeds – led by Imran Ali.
I attended a similar event in Sheffield but was overwhelmed by the techie nature of the event and left early. Detail is all very well but I am more interested in what it can do for me and the bigger picture.

Anyway, Imran is hopping to make the Leeds event more inclusive with geeks, techies and more generalist enthusiasts like me. And I, for one, plan to do a piece about Ladybank and some other stuff we have been working on.

I am hoping pals like Stuart Bruce and Simon Collister will also attend to talk about their work with Alan Johnson and London 2012.

Let me know if you are attending and check out the Wiki at BarCampLeeds.


Stuart Bruce said...

If it's late August I'm certainly in, although not the late July date as our baby's due in mid-July. said...

I think late August will work better, giving time to plan and promote. Hopefully I can talk to you guys about it at OC Leeds next week :)

Imran Ali said...

We're on! The date is Sat 17th Nov...get your sponsor/speaker hats on :)