Can I have a car too?

Further to my earlier post, here's another one from Response Source - came in today about lunchtime. I wonder if I could blag a car too? I would even accept a Chevrolet. Anyway this is what our correspondent posted:

i am not one to moan, certainly not one to name and shame when things don't go according to plan, but it seems, i may be in a bit of bovver this weekend. and as i really do not have the time to chase this, i would be extremely grateful if those of you who contacted me early in the week, could get in touch again.
so with a red face (more annoyance than embarrassement actually! ), i am once more calling you en masse to see if you are able to secure me a motor vehicle for the weekend. i would prefferably like to have the car in my hands this afternoon!
My sincere apologies for such a late notice, but it could have been worse. if i hadn't woken up around 4 or
5 am this morning in a cold sweat, i would have been issuing this tomorrow!
Chevrolet need not respond to this r/s.
Thank you

Thank you indeed. Please note the perfect grammar and spelling too! Take note: he/she requires a motor vehicle - not a car, that won't do, it must be a motor vehicle - I wonder if this rules out a Chevrolet. Thank God for journalists like Alan Johnson - God bless him.


Ian Green said...

Do let me know if you would like me to make this a regular feature - HackenFlack on the Day/Week?

Lisa said...

The audacity leaves me half laughing half raging. Yes yes - make it a feature - and name and shame.

Anonymous said...

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