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Another new social media site which I have been playing around with having been introduced to it by Kevin at FuelMyBlog.
Spicypage, they claim, is a simple idea. Apparently it's: "a concept of perceiving the web through the eyes of the user where the ranking of the sites occurs through user votes. Sure there are ranking sites out there such as, or that rank sites based on daily visitors."
They new sites and blogs might have superb features, but not a huge budget to promote the site's launch, and so will not be seen in or for a few years. The concept of Spicypage is to tell viewers what the best site/blog is out there and they want to know users' experiences with the sites, their likes and dislikes.
Founded in September of 2006, Spicypage is the social online community where anyone shares, talks about what websites or blogs they discover on the net. It is a friendly community that allows everyone to find easier ways to spread the notable sites or blogs when stumbled upon them.
SpicyPage lets you post, comment on , vote on, share your favorites sites or blogs with your friends and others like you.
I'm still testing it but on first experiences it looks like an nice anecdote to Technorati - and is fueled not by tags or links (which I've always thought of as low grade pimping) but by people actually looking at the quality of content.
Will give more reasoned verdict in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, FuelMyBlog has gone crazy.


Amabaie said...

The Spicey concept does seem simple. It is like Digg, except for home pages rather than for news.

If I can find code to do, so I will be adding it shortly to my Bookmarketer social bookmarking tool, and it will be on my watrchlist if I do a second "most popular" row.


Ian Green said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the comment. There are so many sites like this out there now - check out
And I welcome them all becaue they all add to the conversation.

Keep talking ...