I don't need a Second Life

I’ve had an account with Second Life for about five months – and I’ve just closed it down.
At first I thought it was the way we had to go commercially as it, supposedly, gave you access to a range of interesting, intellectual thinkers who you could do business with and were willing to engage in the conversation.
It was also a platform to promote yourself or business – see Nissan, GM, Crayon etc.
I have visited it occasionally since I set up the account and each time I always felt like the only teetotaller at a party full of drunken teenagers. I’ve been invited to online orgies, air f**king parties (for God’s sake!), a Goth Vampire Happening, Heavy Metal Concert and other nonsense.
And remember I saw Motorhead at the Liverpool Empire in 1979 in Real Life and got a bollocking off my mother at the time.
Now, I am a real fan of Web2.0 and social media but God give me strength. Second Life is a complete bullshit fest and all those companies jumping onto the bandwagon are, I think, being fed a lot of ill-advised marketing nonsense by their advisers.
Stay away I say. Unless your market audience is priapic teenagers (male and female) who think it is cool to present them selves in SL as a Racoon, an extra from the film Alien, or an M&M sweetie forget it.
Maybe I am getting old, but last time I was in SL it was a bit like being in a nightclub with the Yoof and frankly I felt a bit seedy and voyeuristic. Last time I went to club in Real Life I had a suit on and looked like an off-duty police officer. Naturally, I made my excuses and left.
Real Life is good - it's what you do with it...

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JC said...

Good post Ian!

I've been reading about how some savvy affiliate marketers are building "stores" within Second Life - there's a shop in there apparently that affiliates with amazon.

I know some big corporates are in SL but I just don't get it yet myself - I'm just turned 40 and maybe too much of an old Wirral git!

Suppose I'll have to get a login, an avatar thing and see what its all about myself!