Should I get a life?

It’s gone 10.20 in the evening and I am thinking of bed. And yet I am writing my blog – why?
God only knows. I’ve nothing to say right now – it’s been a dull day at the office putting together new business pitches and talking with a potential client/investment opportunity in France. And dealing with a client who has a killer preventative measure for H5N1, MRSA et al who the Press prefer to ignore – “Oh, another one?” they ask.
I had a couple of pints at lunch time with the political columnist of a national newspaper about doing an exhibition on the novelist George Gissing – see New Grub Street - to commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth (he was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire by the way, where my company has an office).
But here I am recounting the minutia of my day (not something I usually do on Green Gathering) to fill the space.
Well, like starting a diary, once you start you shouldn’t stop. Also, I suspect I was a bit annoyed by Jeff Jarvis’ tacit put down of Charlie Brooker’s column in the Guardian today slagging off not so much the Mac but the average Mac user poseur while there was a much more interesting debate going on at Booker’s column-come-blog.
There done it – I blog therefore I am. By the way I don't hate Macs, as I used them for years in journalism, but for some reason someone with a Mac Book Pro does annoy me for some reason. I don't own an iPod either.


Tim Chapman said...

The Gissing exhibition sounds interesting - I read 'New Grub Street' a year or so ago, and found many aspects of the lives of its cast of itinerant hacks still strike quite horribly close to the bone...

As for late night blog posts, I've never posted much after cocktail hour, but there's been a few knocked out before breakfast.

Ian Green said...

Hey Tim,

Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well. I agree on George Gissing (what is amazing is how many books he actually wrote and are how many are largely forgotten).
New Grub Street remains a Penguine classic though and we have been talking to Paul Routledge from the Mirror who, a Wakefield-born hack, is also a huge Gissing fan about doing something to commemorate his anniversary.
So watch this space. I'll make sure you get an invite.