Fuelmyblog gets better and better

It's funny how Web2.0 brings people together even if they only live up the road from you.
Last week I visited the excellent fuelmyblog site established by Kevin Dixie to check out the Blog of the Day, which turned out to be Absoluteblog by Tom Eccles, a 16-year-old friend of my son Frank, who lives in the same village as us in Yorkshire. How bizarre is that?
Moreover, Tom was blogging about a visit he, Frank and some friends had made to London to spend a day at ThreeSpeech house courtesy of Sony Playstation.
Back to fuelmyblog - I have to disclose now that I have an interest in the site - it's looking very clunky at the moment but has still managed to attract a significant number of users from across the world, the bulk of them from the US.
However, thanks to the services of Marcus Dyson and his company eleventeenth we shall shortly be re-launching the site with some fantastic Web2.0 based tools enabling more bloggers to join in the fuelmyblog conversation. New feature will include being able to vote blogs up and down the rankings - votes based on quality rather than tags or links.
Other features will include blogradio interviews with FMB members, vidoes, forums and much much more - all will be on stream in the next couple of months. We even have a cool new logo and icon!
While, Kevin is based in France this is very much a British venture so I was heartened to read the Online and World-Beating feature in the Observer today by David Smith who makes the point that you don't have to be in Silicon Valley to come up with a good idea and make it work.
Smith makes the point that London is now the creative hub of the internet in Europe.
I would challenge that as I think that while we are two years behind the US in Web2.0 we are also about two years behind some European countries, particularly France and the Scandinavian countries.
What do you think?
Anyway keep checking FMB for further developments - all feed back welcome.

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