Is it just me or...

Is it just me or are people posting comments less on their sites? Having done a quick trawl on my blog roll it seems that a lot of my favourite bloggers aren't blogging as much as they used to. Why?
I have to hold my hand up as one of the guilty - as my own posts have fallen recently. Not because I have not had anything interesting to say (mea culpa) and - indeed I do keep a list of things I feel I should write about whether it be about journalism, PR and Web2.0 or the fact I couldn't row at the South Yorkshire Head at the weekend because of the weather - but simply because I have been too busy trying to put food in the mouths of those that depend on me. Family first of course.
When I first started this site in 2006 I wanted to become a small voice in part of a bigger conversation - but the chat seems to have diminished this year and even some of the most prolific bloggers I followed have grown more and more remote - why is this?
Have we grown tied of the medium? - I hope not. Or have we run out of things to say? - again I hope not.
I suspect many of us are caught up in the mundane and the choice between writing something challenging or having a glass of wine and a pizza have become an easier decision to make.
My business at GREEN has never been busier but I do think it is important that I continue this pursuit - not because of what I write or what you write which can be very solopistic - but because what I learn and the people I meet online either through Green Gathering, greenblog or sites like MyBlogLog, FuelMyBlog or Spicey.
Blimey - how's that for a confessional.
One word of advice - if you blog don't stop now because the conversation has only just begun.


Stephen Davies said...

Hi Ian,

Couldn't agree more. I'm posting far less frequently too. Truth is though, I've never been more involved with the online world than I am now; ten hours a day, five days a week.

I'm just not finding the time to write about my experiences. Saying that I am trying to have more of a life than I did this time last year.

You've inspired me to write a post though... it should be up sometime next week. :-)

Ian Green said...

Hey Fella,

I know - maybe it's a New Year thing when people don't have the energy. In fact I've already broken a few resolutions with regards to blogging and have been incredibly busy at work. But I do try to take the Samuel Pepys approach and post each day.
Look forward to see what you have to say on your blog.


Rob Skinner said...

It isn't just you. I went through a spell at the end of last year when I didn't post for a few weeks. I simply didn't have the energy or time to do things properly. But it hurt: when you've spend time creating a voice for yourself it's a shame to fall silent. Like you, I make a note of ideas for my blog, which means I'm not sitting at my PC wondering what to say. Also, the more you read, watch and listen, the more you'll have to say.