Testing time for Azor

Through FuelMyBlog those nice people at King of Shaves, where CEO Will King is a very active corporate blogger, have sent me a Azor razor and some of there excellent shaving gel.
I already use the King of Shaves gel, having been introduced to it by my son, and it works very well.
Anyway I presume they sent me the Azor to test it out and see what I think about. Let me make one thing clear I am like Esau - I am a very hairy man. I shave every morning and by lunch time I usually have a 5 o'clock shadow.
The closest shave I have ever had has been with a cut-throat razor - but that was done by a professional barber and I don't think I would ever have the skill or courage to do it myself.
As for the Azor, it gave me the best shave I have had for ages - and while I generally use Gillette disposable razors (they're blue - don't ask me what they are called) I would be tempted to convert full time to Mr King's razor.

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Will King said...

dear ian, thanks for your objective feedback, much appreciated. we will be evolving & improving the Azor, and look fwd to converting you to enjoying the king of shaves each and every day. thanks, will king