Talking at the Art of Marketing

I'm getting ready for a gig in Gateshead tomorrow as I am speaking at this years’ The Art of Marketing Conference at The Sage.
The Art of Marketing is organised by Business Link and the Chartered Institute of Marketing takes place on Monday, November 10. The event has been designed to appeal to anyone with a marketing remit, whatever their company size, whether they be regional businesses, marketers or PR professionals.
With a mix of workshops and presentations, the event will act as a forum to share knowledge and best practice and will help attendees inject new direction and creativity into their marketing plans.
I will take part in the Digital Dialogue in an open discussion about the impact of digital media on marketing on communications – in particular focusing on Social Media and the impact of blogs and social networks.
Other speakers include: Ian Gibbons of Mobious; Ki Media’s Kev Price and Paul Asensio from Robson Brown.
Full Disclosure: The Chartered Institute of Marketing is a client of GREEN.


Sean said...

Hi Ian, it's SEO Sean Gerrie. We met at the event on Monday, and had lunch together.
Really nice to meet you. I've done a couple of blog posts about the event, and I've just done a Green post on my Organic SEO Blog
with several references to yourself. You had some very interesting things to say in the Digital Dialogue.

Best wishes and regards,
Seeded SEO

Ian Green said...

Many thanks Sean - glad you enjoyed. Like you blog comments too