Project your self

GREEN Communications has been appointed to create a launch PR campaign for a new generation of pocket projectors. So this week I have been messing around with one of the pocket projectors being distributed by Personal Projector.
The Aiptek projector takes a bit getting used to by luckily Personal Projector offer a one to one service and were able to talk me through any problems. So much so that I will be using it in a couple of weeks to present a pub quiz at my rowing club.
Personal Projector retails a range of new projectors which provide professional presenting and display technologies without the need to use traditional large projectors or even a laptop.
The devices, which are about the size of the Apple iPhone, can display document files such as PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF’s, photos and slideshows and even video files, and can produce a high contrast quality display up to 50 inches.
Shiny Media have already done a review which you can find here. My verdict is that if I wasn't given one I would probably buy one - perfect for a mobile sales team, or anyone pitching new business, or showing family holiday snaps and videos - or even doing a pub quiz.

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