Gold award for GREEN

Congratulations to colleagues at Green which won gold at this year’s CIPR PRide Awards for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire for a campaign it ran on behalf of Graduates Yorkshire - the dedicated website for matching employers in Yorkshire & Humber with graduate talent from the region’s universities.
We ran a campaign informing businesses and local authorities the importance of investing in graduate recruitment to achieve economic regeneration. It was based on a report by Geoeconomics, commissioned by Graduates Yorkshire, which claimed Yorkshire and the Humber’s long-term ambition to become a successful knowledge economy is threatened by its failure to retain more graduate talent in the region.
The Graduates Economies in Britain report provided a snapshot of the region’s position in the graduate intensive “knowledge economy” and highlights the crucial role that graduates have in supporting and strengthening the knowledge intensive sectors.
Graduates Yorkshire Chief Executive Martin Edmondson, said: “This campaign was successful because the report is vitally important to the region’s future and Green Communications found a way of making an in depth report accessible and relevant to people in Yorkshire.”
“The findings are even more relevant in these economic conditions. Companies need to keep investing in graduate talent to improve efficiencies, become more productive and achieve high value returns.By investing in the future, Yorkshire firms will become more robust against the downturn and be in a position to achieve real growth when the business climate improves.”
Thomas Atcheson, Senior Account Manager at Green Communications, said: “Just like the CIPR Awards for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, The Graduates Economies report recognises the talent and potential we have in the region. We are proud and delighted that our hard work has paid off with an effective campaign and this award is the icing on the cake.”
And the judges said: "Green worked hard to gain standout in this campaign. A very nice balance of online and offline activity to reach stakeholders and keep momentum going. Tangible results generated interest, drove traffic to site; and sign up of employers meant that the core objectives were met. All the judges felt this campaign stood out in the category."
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