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News just in from Absoluteblog and my son, a friend of Absolute, is that Joost, the world's first broadcast-quality internet television service, has launched.
According to the press release: “Campaigns from the 32 companies announced as advertising partners last week will begin airing on the platform this month. Additionally, as a part of this launch, all existing Joost beta testers now have an unlimited number of invitations that they can send to their friends, family and colleagues.
“Last week, Joost announced that it had signed more than 30 blue-chip brands, including The Coca-Cola Company, HP, Intel and Nike, as advertising launch partners. Beginning today, advertisements from some of the ad launch partners will begin to play on the platform. Advertisements from all ad launch partners will be on Joost later this month.”
I love Syke, who developed Joost, so it will be interesting to see how this develops. Previously available in an expanded beta, Joost now is available to an unlimited number of friends, family and colleagues of existing beta testers. Starting today, when beta testers visit the "Invite Friends" widget in the "My Joost" area of Joost, they will be able to invite anyone they know to the Joost community. Both new and existing users can download a new version of Joost today.
Previously known as The Venice Project, Joost features more than 150 channels with programming across all genres, including: cartoons and animation; entertainment and film; sports; comedy; lifestyle and documentaries; and sci-fi. Channels and programs available on Joost vary by geographic region, based on copyright ownership. While the most programming currently is available to viewers in the US, Joost is enhancing its worldwide offering with the addition of international, regional and local partners on a continual basis.
Any Joost fans out there?


Rajiv said...

The same strategy as Google. I wonder how much impact this strategy is going to make now.

I hope it makes a good impact as I would love to see WOM strategy's success increase.

Sheelagh Caygill said...

Hi Ian, can't see a contact button but wondering if you want to exchange links?