Overwhelmed by tech talk at Bar Camp

I am ashamed to say that I only spent three hours at the BarCamp in Sheffield this weekend.This is no reflection on the organization by Plusnet and the volunteers who organized it – they were very impressive. However, I had attended as a non-techie and was slightly alarmed by all the talk of PHP, mashup, web apps etc.
I was looking for big picture stuff and how the technology could help my clients rather than the nitty-gritty detail which seemed to excite the Uber-Geeks (no disrespect intended).The North of England is full of enterprising and innovative individuals and businesses but we have to travel to London to talk to kindred spirits – so fair play to the organizers of BarCampSheffield for at least doing something about it.

As they say:

We want BarCampSheffield to showcase the best that the UK has to offer. We want to share knowledge, experience and techniques. If you have a great idea, have developed a great Web App / Mashup or are simply interested in finding out what everyone else in the market is doing then come along.

I did make contact with some interesting people but given that I could actually make little contribution to the tech debate I made my excuses and left.


Kelly D said...

Aaah.... You should have come today and viewed the application demonstrations. Much less tech talk and more looking at what we've all got to offer!

Thanks for coming though!

Stuart Grimshaw said...

Sorry to have missed you, I was looking forward to the more non techy stuff too, but as a geek, I also enjoyed that aspect of the weekend too.

Dean did mention a more startup/VC foxused event in a few months, perhaps that might be more your cup of tea?