Coffee, cakes and communication

As an antidote (or compliment) to BarCamp Imran Ali is organising an OpenCoffee Leeds some time in June.These have been a big hit in London and the US.
has had one and a second one is due in the North-West shortly, so it’s great that Imran has taken the lead in this.
I’ve pledged to help out on the support of the event and hopefully we can get a lot of movers and shakers there and some of the professional organizations in Leeds who are still standing on the sidelines of Web2.0.
So far Imran has Ed French from Enterprise Ventures, Carl Rahn Griffith of and a handful of others in the group. Imran is hoping to rope in old friends and colleagues from Orange, Kingston Interactive, the Universities, Zythe and Inteleme...geeks, coders, bloggers, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and anyone with a passing interest.
Dates will be confirmed here asap.

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Imran Ali said...

Thanks for the shoutout Ian :)