Going to Internet World. Are you?

Just registered for Internet World Exhibition in London. I’m going in my capacity as a member of the Fuelmyblog team and a director of GREEN.
According to the blurb:
“There might not yet be agreement amongst the neterati about precisely what Web 2.0 means, but just about anyone who`s anyone accepts that there really is something important happening here.”
Internet World have introduced a major show feature at Internet World 2007. They will provide a single stop opportunity for internet and business leaders, finance providers and press to interrogate Web 2.0, discuss and debate the issues, work out what Web 2.0 might mean for their organisation and investigate how to make the most of the next generation of the web as a platform.
Great opportunity for Kevin and I to promote FMB and meet some top social media experts.
If you’re attending it would be great to meet up. Contact me via email or Twitter.

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