Come to the Met and learn about Web2.0

As Nicky Wake points out in her excellent blog we too love Leeds Metropolitan University and are always keen to help in putting something back into the induesty whenever we can. So it was with interest that we received the following invite from Rajiv Harjai:
“I am the CIPR student rep for the Masters PR students at Leeds Met University. I am having an informal networking event for all the Public Relations students of Leeds Met University (MA + BA) on the theme of social media.
“The day I have chosen for this is Wednesday 25 April and the time is around 1:00 PM. The reason I have picked this day is that all the Public Relations bachelor students will be in the university as they have to submit their portfolio by noon. This will be an informal gathering on the theme of social media…
“My idea is that students are going to give a presentation and have small stalls where they would have practitioners and students have their blogs on display. The presentation will be showing how students can benefit from Social Media, and how important Social Media is becoming today.”
Leeds Met has a vibrant PR department. Indeed, at GREEN we have recruited some fantastic talent from the Met who have played a significant role in servicing our clients – they know who they are! We have also contributed to seminars, lectures and other events in the past.
So we’re pleased to stick some cash behind the bar to sponsor this event and put up some speakers for Rajiv who is doing stirling work in this area.
If you want to come along on the day – please do. You never know you might learn something. The Event will kick off at 1.00pm on the April 25, 2007, with a presentation on ‘How students can benefit from Social Media’.

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Rajiv said...

Thank you for your kind words and helping me by supporting this event.