Vote on the cheesiest chat up lines

Over at Wensleydale Creamery we are getting ready for Valentine's Day with the launch of a special heart-shaped Wensleydale cheese wrapped in red wax - a perfect gift for your cheese-loving lover.
This got us thinking about cheesy chat up lines - and we've heard some howlers in the past - so we have launched a survey to find the cheesiest chat up lines and look forward to your contribution. To take part in the survey simply go to Wensleydale Cheesy Chat Up Lines.
We've used an online survery company called SurveyMonkey and so far it seems to be working really way and is an excellent resource to use with other clients. We'll keep you posted on developments and please do have a look at the survey or add your own worst chat up lines on the comments page at wensleydaleblog.


amber said...

well this seems interesting .you have started preparations for valentine's day even a month ago

Linda said...

I'll fill in the poll, but the one that has just jumped into my memory comes from time behind a bar (where else?) A man asked me if I was married and when I said 'no', he said: "Can we go halves on a b*****d then?" Charming.

Chat up lines said...

I tried to reach the cheesy chat up line survey, but it was closed.