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I’ve been having a jolly online conversation with Kevin Dixie, the creator of a new British-based blog aggregator fuelmyblog – I am calling it an aggregator not him so apologies to Kevin if I got it wrong. But it's very Web 2.0.
It’s vaguely reminiscent of the highly successful milliondollarhomepage but Kevin is not seeking to make money out of those who post their blogs to the site – which is very blog-friendly but is seeking to make a few shekels out of advertisers.
Fuelmyblog allows people to upload their blog with a small image and description and they are then advertised for free for at least five years. Kevin says: "The idea of the site is to eventually create database of every good blog on the web, after all, only good bloggers will want more people reading their pages."
Wonder what Technorati will have to say about this?
While in its infancy, the site looks promising and already has over 200 hundred blogs advertised on it, around 40 bloggers are adding their blogs daily. "We are very pleased with the number of visitors and bloggers that are talking about it, we expect it to grow substantially now people are returning back to their PC's after the seasonal break" says Kevin, who came up with the idea after writing his own blog for the past few months.
He tells me: “I launched it really as a cheap way of getting a lot of blogs in one space, milliondollar scripts are easy to buy! I wasn't sure whether to charge for adverts or go free. Not charging has had a huge impact! I plan to use the community by broadcasting a radio show and getting everyone involved to talk about each others blogs.
“To further the site I need to get some either income or capital so that is being looked into and yes, I would like it to be an interactive blog community. To make money I will try to either get sponsors or advertisements on the site, I am getting over 500 new unique visits per day so it should prove to be of use to somebody but I also don't want to appear as selling out! So I guess I will need some decent PR from somewhere!”
Fuelmyblog wants this site to be the first place people go to when looking for a blog to read. "I aim to increase the size of the site by re-investing any revenue generated in the future from paying advertisers, right now it is just a hobby. (Having) said that, this hobby is taking over, we got 10,000 new links on Google this morning and a daily Alexa rank of 29,400 three days ago!"
The simple process of advertising will appeal to even the most inexperienced web users argues Kevin and I wish him well.


Kevin D said...


May I say what a great review, I am glad you like the site.

Thanks again for your advice on how it looks and feels.

We've now got a really amazing daily Alexa ranking and are in line for a top ten mover soon!

It's funny how this 'little experiment' has now got to where it is now. We have many more ideas for the site and want it to be the place for bloggers to relax and chat!

All the best

Ian Green said...

It's a pleasure. I'm just pleased to see a Brit doing something like this as we always seem to be behind the US in these matters.
I know money is not the main motivator here but it would be great to see how you can make a few shekals out of this.
Good luck

Mini-News said...

I like the FuelMyBlog too, I like Brits, but being a citizen of poor Ukraine I simply cannot afford starting a website just for "few shekals".

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