New Year, New Ideas

Thank God that’s over – there is only so much time you can spend in the bosom of your family (and much as I love them, my family’s bosom is very ample!), meanwhile the normal human body is not designed to consumer that amount of alcohol, turkey, ham, roasted vegetables, mince pies, Christmas pudding, alcohol, turkey, ham, mince pies, Christmas pudding (repeat).

Just got Burns’ Night to look forward too now. Anyway, I’m back in the saddle and 2007 begins.

So what does 2007 hold? Less of the same I hope but here are my ten predictions for the next 12 months:

  1. Blogging – I don’t believe the blog is dead. What will emerge in 2007 is community blogging and networks bringing together people with shared interests.
  2. The world will get hotter – expect headlines like Phew What a Scorcher but no tabloid explanation.
  3. The arrival of the $100 PC (launch due in July) – opening the door to another universal conversation and the emancipation of Third World individuals looking for a voice.
  4. It will all go tits up in Iraq, Afganistan, Iran, North Korea – fill in gaps as you see fit.
  5. Mashup or move on – the convergence meme will continue and I suspect that this will be a big theme this year.
  6. Pauline Fowler murder trial should take place in East Enders sometime in the mid-year.
  7. Brown booze – ie spirits – will become main stream again. Moreover, I am hopeful that more people we see the benefits of companies, like my client – Ladybank – offering people an opportunity to decide what they want rather than what they get. D'oh
  8. Old Media will continue to be frightened of and attack New Media. What do you know anyway you geek freak! Dead trees is the future and blogs are the past.
  9. TV and online video merge - it seems logical that traditional networks will try first to beat 'em, then realise they must join 'em.
  10. Google will be perceived to be the new News Corporation or Murdoch Lite.

What is for certain is that we will all have to work harder, smarter, longer and for less. I, for one, hope to spread a little more happiness and will be Blogging for a Better World. Join me in the conversation.

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