What a complete f**k up

What a complete f**k up. Sam Sethi has been sacked for blogging negatively about LeWeb3 on Techcrunch UK&Ireland by Michael Arrington – one of the event’s sponsors. The site has now been put on hold.
Meanwhile, Loic Le Meur is being vilified throughout the blogosphere by all those who wanted to open up a conversation which he chose to close down – this from the guy responsible for one of the main blogging platforms in Europe.
I for one thought that LeWeb3 was going to be an un-conference with lots of conversational feedback, bust-ups, arguments, fights and disagreements – which is fine. However, the fall out from Loic's political fumblings has been to completely undermine his own position with the very audience he should be engaging with.
My colleague Simon, in this matter, believes in the cock-up theory and although I have never been a champion of the conspiracy theory it all smells a bit fishy - but hey I used to be a journalist.
I wish Sam well and hope that he/we can create something useful out of all this. How about a Web2.0 Un-Conference in the UK? Any sponsors out there? Any thoughts? Let's make something in the UK.
By the way the picture is of the media scrum which took all attention away from the conversation we hoped to have to allow that Sarkozy to have his onoastic moment in front of a non-plussed international audience.
After all the above, a nice counterpoint to all the arguments agaist LeWeb3 can be found at Gaping Void where Hugh MacLeod argues all the positive points that came out of Paris. I, for one, need some time to think about it before I commit a detailed analysis of the whole event.
But at the end of the day it has got us all talking.

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