A-lister gets down with the people

It’s always a dangerous thing to meet someone you’ve admired from afar – so I wasn’t sure how I would react when I met Gaping Void’s Hugh MacLeod.
He’s due t
o wrap up the conference with a talk on micro-branding I think.
I’ve just met him in the coffee area and can report he is a top bloke.
I like the way has created, in Stormhoek and English Cut, two very different stories that were seeded on the internet to grow into two successful businesses by basically sticking two fingers up to business convention.

I think we both agreed that as soon as you start telling a story about your brand or product – they will come. That has been the case with Wensleydale and Ladybank Company of Distillers.

By the way there has been some interest at the conference about Ladybank and the whole concept of a co-creation company and we are hopeful to find a speaking gig for James Thomson, the brains behind the Britain’s first co-creation whisky producer.

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