The most inventive blog

Over at GREEN Communications we're rather proud of the work we've done for Wensleydale Dairy Products. As well as all the traditional public relations tools we have used - to great effect - we also set up a blog for the company.
Moreover, we have used a range of social marketing tools for the company including YouTube.
Since the launch of wensleydaleblog more than 10,000 people have now signed the Uniquely Yorkshire petition in support of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese!
It's only five months since we announced that the creamery had put forward a submission to protect Real Yorkshire Wensleydale through Protected Designation of Origin or PDO as it's more commonly known.
So time to bang our own drum! In PR Week's review of the year they dedicated a section to blogs and I quote: "But marks for the most inventive blog have to go to Wensleydale Dairy Products, which in September produced a blog to raise support for a campaign to protect the origins of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese.
"The blog was created by GREEN Communications, after Wensleydale's (bid) for Protected Designation of Origin, which protects EU foods based on their geographical area of production."

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