Rowing and reflections

I've been out all day in Newcastle with Bradford Rowing Club - us stout gentlemen veteran rowers have been taking part in the Rutherford Head.
It is a 6,000 meter head race and I thought we did rather well - we kept the rythm going, not sniping in the boat, no accidents, no arguments. A good solid, technical pull from start to finish. I am now knackered and have fears for my ham strings and groin (I am prone to strains in this department).
However, one topic of conversation on the drive up was the Thresher wine promotion. Interestingly, none of my fellow oarsmen had seen any of the online conversation but picked up on the piece that appeared in today's Times and are all planning to take advantage of it (after I email them the coupon).
This has been a very nice piece of PR and while Threshers argues they have been over whelmed by the reaction, I rather think they planned this all along. Forget margins and concentrate on volume (I can hear their FD's words ringing in my ears).

PS: Can some brave soul step up to the plate and admit they were behind this - Stormhoek perhaps.

PPS: I need to do a post about the CIPR Social Media Code of Conduct following an interesting meeting with the guys at Edleman.

PPPS: I also, in due course, will add a post about our word-of-mouth conference in London at which Andy Green, Simon Collister and Mark Borkowski spoke.

PPPPS: The picture is from last year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ian

Re your blog yesterday: the Observer had a piece about Threshers this morning. Says they're inundated etc just as you say in your blog. Given that it's a pretty competitive scene at the moment (Sainsbury's doing 25% off any 6 bottles, Tesco with stacks of good offers) I think you may be right in thinking Threshers made a clever move.

Good drinking.


David Brain said...

FYI I had breakfast with Colin Farrington yesterday morning and he has seen many of the posts on the CIPR social media ethics piece and is pretty embracing of them. I think the CIPR in this case will listen and will learn from the experience of this consultation . . . and if you are 'stout' the rest of us are in serious trouble mate