We're all blogging now. Aren't we?

According to The Guardian, one in four UK internet users are now blogging.

Really? I’m not sure. I have a wide circle of friends – professional and social – and, other than my colleague Simon, I don’t know anyone else who powers a blog. A lot of people visit mine but have no inclination to create their own – it does seem rather solipsistic after all.

Indeed, most of the people I talk to are rather incredulous that I actually blog. More than that, they are amazed that we are running various corporate blogs for several clients – why bother they ask. My answer is because you can build a business and make money! Although I use rather more industrial language than that – see Gaping Void for a more candid response.

I don’t have a poll here – but what’s your experience? You’re a blogger – how many of you friends blog? Pass it on.

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