McNairn and the future for Web 2.0

I know. I know. I promised this last week. But time is tight so I am reduced to writing this after eating my wife's moussaka (on my own, in the kitchen - again!) but I did promise to say something about the conference I attended at the CIPR.

This is the second blog I've done on this - apologies - but I saved it as a draft so it's dated ealier than I intended. Tip to the guys at

To be honest I didn't learn that much, although I will send GREEN padawan for insight in the future, but the most informative of the speakers was Ian McNairn from IBM. What got me about Ian is that he believed what he was talking about and argued very cogentley with a French lady who just did not get it. And what shocked me most given the number of PR prefessionals in the audience was how ignorant they were about Web 2.0 - wikipedia, blogs, podcasts, videocasts etc. You name it, they didn't have a clue.

Ian McNairn is Web Innovation & Technology Program Director for IBM. He acts as a catalyst between the innovators and implementers IBM, facilitating the flow of ideas, best practices, standards and leadership. His current 'hot' focus areas are the 'Web 2.0' tools such as wikis, blogs, social bookmarking, tagging, rss, atom, podcasts and mashups to name a few. However, he did hint the next big thing was mash-ups.

Ian’s earlier IBM career was in a marketing role, and before that in a technical sales role in IBM South Africa. Prior to IBM, he was the Global IT Strategy Director for Sedgwick Insurance Brokers and previously in various roles in academia.

Nothing Ian said was new to me - although he did elicit gasps from some of the audience - and it is always nice to know that your own paricular prejudices and beliefs are confirmed by someone who knows what he is talking about.

He left us with this:

I'm not sure I agree with the thesis. Indeed, I doubt it very much. I saw this about two years ago and laughed at the time, but you never know...

You can watch it at: The New York Times has just gone off line or this at EPIC 2014

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